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Objectives of EAEEIE

The European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering seeks to:

  • foster good practices in education for Electrical and Information engineering.
  • improve the understanding of educational practices throughout Europe.
  • determine corresponding educational criteria with a view to establishing common standards of education in Electrical and Information Engineering.
  • establish mechanisms for industial participation in the work of the Association so that the needs of industry might be met and kept under constant review.
  • promote Continuing Education as a necessary means for maintaining professional effectiveness of engineers.
  • develop Credit Transfer schemes between collaborating establishments.
  • contribute to the initiatives of the European Commission related to education and research in Universities.
  • foster a strong technological research base and develop educational research.
  • encourage the exchange of staff and students betvween collaborating institutions.


Statutes of EAEEIE

EAEEIE is governed by French Law of 1st July 1901 on associations, it is a non-profit making association. The management of the Association will be under taken by a group of members elected by the General Assemly of member. This group is called the Council.

How to become a MEMBER ?